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Best Safety Razor – The Ultimate Guide

Are you confused about which safety razor is best for you? I bought my first safety razor when I decided to make the switch from disposable cartridge razors to something more environment-friendly.  You would be shocked how many disposable razors end up in landfill.

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Straight Razors vs Safety Razors: Which One Should You Pick?

Here’s one thing a lot of us already know: razors are possibly one of the most useful things on the planet. They’ve been around forever and they haven’t outlived their usefulness just yet. On the other hand, they’re also ever-evolving, just like all other things! There’s no denying that there have been many different types of razors over the years.

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Best Open Comb Razor for Beginner

King Gillette designed the open comb safety razor in early 20th century. The razor was designed for knights who had large sideburns and mustaches. It made it easier for the Knights to outline their hair. Gillette was also aiming at replacing the straight razor, which was conventional by then, which could not shave when one was in a hurry.

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