Best Open Comb Razor for Beginner

King Gillette designed the open comb safety razor in early 20th century. The razor was designed for knights who had large sideburns and mustaches. It made it easier for the Knights to outline their hair. Gillette was also aiming at replacing the straight razor, which was conventional by then, which could not shave when one was in a hurry.


What is an open comb razor?

An open comb razor comes with a blade more exposed to the shaver’s skin as compared to other razors. At its base it sports spaced out teeth; the larger the gap between the teeth, the more aggressive the razor shaves. It is for this reason that the open comb razor is referred to as the most aggressive safety razor.

This razor is common among people with coarse and long hair. Shaving is really fast as the razor gets closer to the skin than any other razor. Newbie will find it easy to use. However, if you have sensitive skin, use this razor with caution as it may cause irritation. Though the razor was originally designed for veteran wet shavers, newer models have been made milder to accommodate all wet shavers.

Finding the best open comb safety razor is paramount to having a smooth shaving experience.

Open Comb VS Closed Comb Razor

Both the open comb and closed comb are double edged razors. The main difference between them is in the style of their razor head. To a newbie wet shaver, the difference between these two may be distracting or non-existent.

Closed comb razors are the most common today thanks to their versatile design. It is offered with a straight safety bar running along the length of the blade. The open comb razor, on the other hand, comes with a row of teeth beneath the blade.

The bar in a closed comb razor may come with small grooves or may be straight. The function of the razor is to tighten the shaver’s skin before cutting the blade. On the other hand, the teeth in an open comb help guide the hair closer to the blade to enhance an effective cut and avoid clogging the razor. While a closed comb razor offers a smoother and flatter shaving surface, preventing cuts and nicks, the open comb’s teeth allow shaving lather to penetrate the shaving area and lubricate the skin, thereby protecting it.

A closed comb is suitable for all wet shavers, especially those who shave daily. On the other end, an open comb is suitable for wet shavers with long hair and who shave on a weekly or monthly basis. In both the double-edged razors, the skin should be well prepared before shaving

Shaving Guide for Beginners

Shaving should be a manly ritual; not an annoying chore borne out of necessity. However, safety razors, though safe, do not play well with every man’s skin. The trick is to have the best shaving accessories. Before you get started on shaving, ensure you have a good shaving brush, shave soap and aftershave.

Shaving Brush

While using an open comb razor, the lather is very important. A good shaving brush will help prime the whiskers to generate a thick lather. You may choose any brush based on price quality ratio, the length of bristles and comfort of the handle. But whatever you do, avoid synthetic brushes. Given that a brush should always be stored upside down after use, buying a stand comes handy.

Shaving Soap

The canned shave cream is standard among many men, but a good shaving soap smells awesome and protects your skin. The options are wide from soap bars to soap creams. For lathering, you can buy a bowl (or use and old coffee cup). For those with sensitive or thin skin, some pre-shave oils or lotions will come handy. Check out our shaving soap guide on how to apply and more


Just like soaps and creams, the options here are extensive. The aftershave chosen should match your skin. For a thick and non-sensitive skin, any aftershave would do. For a thin and sensitive skin, look for an aftershave that features an alum block. The alum block soothes the skin thereby muzzling any irritation while covering any small cuts and nicks. The smell is also important.

Best Open Comb Safety Razors for Beginners

Parker 24C

Parker 24c razor

The Parker 24c is designed to offer a smooth, close barbershop shave. It is offered with 5 super chrome blades to provide a more aggressive shave. For durability, the 24C sports a brass frame. Its 4-inch long hand has been textured for a better grip; meaning it can be used even in wet environments. To a veteran wet shaver, the 24C is a standard three-piece design. At 3oz, this is a heavyweight shaver which gives it an edge against other shavers as one does not need to apply a lot of pressure.


• Sturdy enough for long hair

• Shaves smoothly without nicks or cuts

• Good value for money

• Comfortable to use thanks to knurled and textured grip

• Suitable for beginners.


• One edge of the blade more aggressive than the other

• Narrow top for the blades provided

Muhle R41

Muhle r41 razor

This is a great double edged open comb safety razor. Though open comb razors may need you to learn how to use them, the moment you learn how to do, you will enjoy a smooth, close shave. It is an ideal razor for coarse or heavy beards and comes with an engraved handle to offer a comfortable grip. Its chrome plated finish not only enhances its finesse but also ensures its durability. At 2.22oz, this is a medium weight razor, which like heavyweight razors, does not require a lot of pressure to shave smoothly. It comes with a 3.7inches long handle.


• Unique blade angle for arduous and direct shaving

• Handles are of different variants including resin and chrome among others

• Safe to use; no prickles


• Designed for veteran shavers thus newbies will have to train for a few days to use it perfectly

• Some variants with plastic handles are uncomfortable

Fatip Piccolo Open Comb Razor

Fatip Piccolo Razor

The Piccolo bears a beautiful finish. It is a three piece open comb safety razor that has been designed to offer a smooth shave. One advantage of this razor is that though its heavyweight, its weight has been evenly distributed to offer a well-balanced feel. Its head has been designed to accommodate different blades and provide smooth shaves for differing beard lengths.

With a nickel-plated finish, the razor is reflective of its Italian make and durable enough to outlive its price. Its brass body lengthens its life. The handle is 71mm long and features a textured surface for comfort.


• Easy to fix blades; unscrew the top, place blade and screw the top back

• Easy on all types of skins

• Good for beginners thanks to its adjustable blades


• The handles are non-inter-changeable

• Some razors come with blades that slide while shaving


These open comb razors are easy to assemble and use even for first-time shavers. Fixing the blade is as easy as unscrewing the top, placing the blades on the base and screwing the top back. To shave, ensure that your beard is wet, apply shaving cream using a shaving brush in a circular manner, ensure that you have a quality blade and it is screwed tightly into position, and shave. After shaving, cleanse and soothe the skin, rinse with cold water and pat dry, then apply aftershave.

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