The Best Dovo Straight Razors For a Solingen Classic Shave

When it comes to straight razors, there are plenty of great ones in the market today. You have a wide array of choices. But anyone could argue that one of the best out there is the Dovo straight razor.


Even if you’re unfamiliar with straight razors, you’ve probably already heard of DOVO Solingen, a prominent name among those in the business of making shaving products and the like. Unsurprisingly, they have tons of great products to offer, with many of them lasting as long as they get.

So, what’s DOVO all about and why should you consider buying razors from them? In such case, here’s a brief background on the razor brand.

Dovo History

What is DOVO?

DOVO has been around manufacturing razors for quite some time now. Their history spans for a century, since they started making their array of products in 1906. They make their razors either out of carbon steel or stainless steel, both which are excellent in producing quality blades. Plenty of DOVO razors differ in sizes, shapes, and designs that make all of them unique in more ways than one.

Dovo Solingen Straight Razors

What is Solingen?

Solingen is the German company that makes DOVO razors and German straight razor shaving products. They specialize in knives and other assortments of blades, mostly kitchenware, although they also branched out to making blades for tactical use. Solingen is a household name, so it’s not surprising that many people have heard of them.

Now DOVO straight razors come in many forms, almost limitless in their choices. A lot of them basically function the same way, so how do they differ? It might be somewhat confusing for you, as a user, even when you’re aware that DOVO already makes excellent razors for those looking to get a close shave.

Check out this guide for DOVO Solingen razor reviews.

DOVO Straight Razor Ebony Wood Handle

Dovo Straight Razor, Ebony Wood Handle

This razor may seem as generic as it is, but if that’s the case, then it’s for everyone to use. Beginners will find that there’s something for them in this straight razor. The edges are sharp enough even for intermediate shavers. This straight razor comes at a rather steep price, but anyone who wants a straight razor will eventually upgrade anyway.

The ebony wood handle provides for an excellent grip, which also happens to be stylish. It makes the razor look sleeker than ever. Not only will this razor give you a great shave—it also adds to the overall aesthetic of your grooming arsenal.

DOVO "Diamant" Straight Razor Olivewood Handle

Dovo Diamant Straight Razor

This is another product of DOVO that exudes style, as well as function. It’s a bit more expensive than the previous razor we talked about, but its performance compensates for the steeper price tag. Users will love the olivewood handle paired with the black blade, which gives it a vintage look.

It can be used right away, because it’s been honed beforehand. That said, the razor is easy enough to use, though one still needs to practice the necessary precautions, since it’s still rather sharp. Although beginners will find something worthwhile with this razor, it’s recommended that intermediate users own this product.

That said, this is still a good razor for anyone wanting to break into the world of straight razor shaving. Once you get the hang of using it, you’ll find it of great value, which is fitting for its price.

DOVO Knives 985810 Straight Razor

Dovo Knives

This straight razor features a gorgeous faux mother-of-pearl handle, which gives off an elegant feel to it. Curiously, it’s less expensive than the previous two razors mentioned, so it’s fitting that you look into this one if you’re on a budget.

Nevertheless, it’s a great product, even for the most particular of straight razor users. The product may need to be honed first before using. It wouldn’t take a while, though. After honing, you can use the razor right away. You’ll find that shaving is a breeze with the DOVO Knives 985810 straight razor.

Take note, though, that it may require you a couple of passes the get the closest shave you can have. This may prove to be problematic for many, but even the most experienced of straight razor users need to do multiple passes.

DOVO Prima with Ebony Handle


Just like the first razor on this list, this DOVO Prima razor features an ebony handle. It also features a full-hollow steel. This razor doesn’t need to be honed before its first use, which means you can scrape right away upon receiving it.

The Solingen blade can stand up to fifty passes before it dulls and needs to be honed again. It can take a lot of abuse, and you can really use it for years on end. Although this razor does require time and patience to get used to, you’ll find it a treat to use.

DOVO Straight Razor Ebony Handle Gold Etched Blade

The gold etched blade really brings out that luxurious feel. If you’re looking for a sophisticated ebony-handle razor, then this one is probably your best bet. Anyone can appreciate how well it looks, especially since it complements an equally-elegant shaving kit.

The razor does need to be kept dry to prevent rusting and the like. If you’re planning to purchase this blade, then you’ll need to store it in a suitable place that’s free from humidity. Then again, this is usually the case among most straight razors, and it’s really just basic maintenance. Nevertheless, it is something that you should really do for this razor.

The price is not as expensive as some of the razors mentioned here, but there’s really a need to consider what you’re getting first. Consider the maintenance that you need to do with this product. If you’re okay with that, then you may have a good razor on your hands.

DOVO Bismarck Straight Razor Pearl Acrylic

Dovo Bismarck Straight Razor

The name of this razor conveys a sort of superior air that many people can see with most of DOVO’s razors. With its carbon steel blade, this razor is as sharp as ever and can effectively remove even the tiniest of facial hair—considering that you should hone it further, if you want to bring out its full potential. This is something Straight Razor Revolution mentions.

It’s recommended for anyone to try out this straight razor, especially for its price tag that’s not too heavy for anyone’s pockets. It’s really one razor that even novices of straight razor shaving can totally get into, which is why it’s considered one of the top-rated safety razors from DOVO.

As for its looks, it doesn’t try to be flashy, but it still ends up looking as sleek as ever. Consider that you’re going to need all that you can get with this razor, including its looks. You’ll find something unpretentious—something that doesn’t try too hard.

DOVO Straight Razor with Wood Shave Set and accessories

Dovo straight razor kit

For those who just want to get started with straight razor shaving, this DOVO straight razor kit is perfect. It’s got everything a shaving novice needs, and more. It includes a strop, a strop paste, a badger brush, a block of shaving soap, and of course, a straight razor.

The blade of the razor is already quite sharp right out the box. It doesn’t require prior honing, which is great for those who have yet to master sharpening the blade just yet. Although the razor is not exactly the best when it comes to the materials used (the handle is made of something similar to plastic), it still does the job of giving you a close shave.

You should know what you’re getting, since this product is aimed toward beginners. It’s always a good idea to check it out first, and hopefully, this short review about this straight razor set will help you decide. Nevertheless, it’s a great set for beginners who just want to get into straight razor shaving.


Deciding on which DOVO Soligen straight razor product takes some consideration, but for as long as you’re willing to check out their already excellent products, you might just be in for something great. You should also check accordingly on which type or design of straight razor you’re going to need.

Another thing you need to consider is your budget, if whether or not you should splurge on a well-priced safety razor, even as a beginner. It’s advisable that you go for ones which are on the cheaper end, yet function great all the same.

All that said, there’s a vast array of choice available for you. The DOVO brand already offers an excellent selection of straight razors anyway, so it won’t be much of a problem to choose from either of them. For over a century, they’ve been producing shaving products that have a reputation of excellence among users.

Have you chosen the razor that fits you? Why don’t you go check it out to see if it’s really the right razor for you? It’s always the best way to know if you’ve picked the right product.

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