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Best Safety Razor – The Ultimate Guide

Are you confused about which safety razor is best for you? I bought my first safety razor when I decided to make the switch from disposable cartridge razors to something more environment-friendly.  You would be shocked how many disposable razors end up in landfill.

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How To Use Shaving Soap – The Step-by-Step Guide

Have you tried using shaving soap instead of shaving cream? To be honest, I had no idea that shaving soaps even existed, until I bought my first straight razor. 

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Straight Razor Maintenance

Are you thinking about purchasing a straight razor but have no idea how to maintain them? I was in the same shoes a couple years ago, when I began my journey into the world of straight razors. Prior to that, I was happily chucking out a disposable razor once or twice a week without a second thought. But then I had to do some budgeting.

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Straight Razor Honing Guide

You have bought a straight razor, and a quality strop to go with it. Now you are ready to move to the next step, honing. When you hone a razor, the edge you leave behind almost has a sense of ownership, identification. It’s personal — something that is a part of you. You will feel it when you shave.

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Straight Razor Strop Guide

You have chosen your straight razor after careful research and consideration. Now comes the time to make the second most important decision — purchasing a shaving strop. There are so many different types, brands, sizes and components that selecting the one that is right for you is not at all easy.

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Best Straight Razor Kits For Beginners

Straight razor. The latest sensation. They may have been the main method of manual shaving for ages, but the arrival of the safety razor with disposable blades meant the latter quickly took over the market.

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The Best DOVO Razors for Beginners and Experienced Users Alike

When it comes to straight razors, there are plenty of great ones in the market today. You have a wide array of choices. But anyone could argue that one of the best out there is DOVO.

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Straight Razors vs Safety Razors: Which One Should You Pick?

Here’s one thing a lot of us already know: razors are possibly one of the most useful things on the planet. They’ve been around forever and they haven’t outlived their usefulness just yet. On the other hand, they’re also ever-evolving, just like all other things! There’s no denying that there have been many different types of razors over the years.

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Best Open Comb Razor for Beginner

King Gillette designed the open comb safety razor in early 20th century. The razor was designed for knights who had large sideburns and mustaches. It made it easier for the Knights to outline their hair. Gillette was also aiming at replacing the straight razor, which was conventional by then, which could not shave when one was in a hurry.

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5 Best Double Edge Razor Blades Review 2017

Choosing a great safety razor blade after you have settled on what razor to use can be slightly confusing because of the various brands of safety razor blades in the market. Is there a difference between all these brands? Is there anything to be said regarding cost, durability, sharpness and versatility of each brand of razor blade?

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